Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Over the next few weeks we have some important things coming up:

This Sunday, February 28 is when our group will be hosting a table to sell crafts as a fundraiser for Mr. Don Hadley at the Okeechobee Moose at 1:00, and participate in the auction to follow.
As said before, Nancy Bartholomew has donated a quilt. Please give me any articles that you are willing to donate for the cause.

Swedish Weaving Class - March 3rd. Martha Darling will teach us this skill with Maureen Bradley's help.........see post titled SWEDISH WEAVING CLASS.

The Buckhead Ridge Craft Fair will be held on March 20th. Space is selling fast, so please let me know if you still need a space.


Be sure to check out the comments following posts. Nellie posted a link to chrocet using plastic bags under last week's blog. To post something your self just "sign in", you will go to "dashboard" and simply fill out your post. By posting your own links, others will see your infor quicker. If you need help, let me know.

See you soon, until then, Happy Crafting

A Man in the Midst!

Wednesday, February 17th brought back Dee Grover to our group. These are samples of pine needle weaving trivets. If you look close you will see that the one on the left is leather art that she did as the center. She demonstrated how to begin these trivets and amazed us with sliced walnuts as the center. A man in Canada slices these for her.

Sew What? Sew anything we want to. Patterns, fabrics and ideas were flying as we prepare for the March 20th craft fair at the Buckhead Ridge Moose Lodge.

A BIG WELCOME to Steve Grant. Steve does wire wrapping on stones for jewelry making, completing some of his own jewelry designs. Interest in his art was apparent. We are looking forward to his wife joining us with her polymer clay pieces.

Our Missourian, Darlene painted this flower pot and added seashells for a cheery pot.

Dorothy came with many seashells to share and wood to make frames or wreaths. This is the one she completed. Look at all these organized shells.

She also finished her new holiday mailbox cover just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Hanging flamingo and redbird are made from foam board and cd discs.

I'm having some difficulty learning how to place pics in this blog, so continue to bear with me until I master it.
Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Several people wanted to learn this special weaving so we have scheduled Wednesday, March 3rd to learn from Martha Darling. I'm sure Maureen will help out too. The two pictures of this weaving are samples from both Martha and Maureen.

Supplies needed: A large eye needle (used sometimes for plastic canvas). Martha suggests a plastic one if you can get it. Two of our group are shopping now to try and pick up extras from the coast. Martha will provide the woven material and yarns, expect to reimburse her approximately $5.00.

In order to have enough supplies for everyone though, please let me know if you will be attending this group.


Growing Creatively

We are growing in size and creativity! February brought us the second evening group on Tuesday, February 9th. Those who can't attend our Wednesday gatherings had a good time finally having a chance to join us. Before I bring you up to date on this night and the next day let me tell some exciting feedback I received on Monday, February 15th. Members from the Stuart Moose Lodge reported that at a Moose District meeting held on Sunday in Ft. Pierce that people were talking about our group! They said there was alot of buzz and interest with people looking forward to seeing some of our things at the benefit being held February 28th at the Okeechobee Moose Lodge. In six weeks we have captured the interest of people outside of Buckhead Ridge. Way to go crafters, I love that we can create inspiration ..... pass it on.....

Sandoone learned how to crochet (a scrubby) from Maureen

Cathy began working on her first counted cross stitch entitled "Thumbs Up". THUMBS UP to Cathy.............looking good

Nellie used a caning technique with polymer clay and a toaster oven (first time we ever tried this oven). The "mistake" of overbaking resulted in these beautiful pieces.... now we are looking for a creative way to use them. She taught some people how to crochet seed bead bracelets too, but I missed getting a picture. So Sorry

Maureen handpainted this lovely purse which she made. Her first attempt at freehand fabric painting. Great job - many more beautiful ones to come I'm sure.

Dorothy who has been painting for years demonstrated some techniques to those interested. See her leprechaun mailbox cover below.

New friends joined us on Wednesday.....then had so much fun that they went back and told their friends. I was invited to meet some of them Wednesday evening and look forward to having them join us this week. One gentleman who does wire wrap jewelry is going to join us as well as another gentleman who is an artisit with drawings and paintings.
The following pictures are of projects in process, and finished samples provided by various members of the group. Everyone is willing to share and teach any of these items if you want to know how to make them.

I will be posting another blog regarding the Swedish Weaving, until then....
Happy Crafting!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hearts & Flowers from our Crafters

Last Wednesday was testament to the interest of this group in learning new techniques and sharing new experiences.

Only our fourth gathering and in they came with purpose. It was evident that no one was concerned about what they should do or had a question as to what they wanted to do. Armed with supplies and ideas they plunged right in - and knew who to ask for assistance with new areas of learning. Thanks to Dorothy we all had name tags - hearts and fabric made up into personalized tags that can be used and reused. For newer members (or those of us forgetful) they sure helped to learn new names. Great idea! Our masking tape name tags were tacky!

Like a mother hen, I once realized that the "kids" were all quiet............"I guess the food is good, no one is talking", brought a round of laughter as they all chimed in that they were too engrossed in their personal projects to talk. How inspiring!

New friendships are forming, two women have gotten their talents together and are already planning a partnership in creating, making and selling items at the March craft fair. One of their "products" will be a take off of a similar sample they saw the week before..... looking forward to the end results.

Ann Niner brought in clear vinyl with the purpose of making a tablecloth cover for one of the Moose Lodge bathrooms.....................well inspire us ----------look what we did as a finishing touch.........

Some of the new experiences are so contagious that people are getting together at other times of the week in their homes to continue crafting. Fabric painting has been a great success and participants are learning that the painting can flow over into so many other areas........ and what is fabric painting without fabric? Just look at this purse that Nancy B. made - allowing us to let our minds wander toward possibilities...................someone else embellished it, what do you think?

A big thank you to Nancy B. who brought in finished quilts for donation purposes with one set aside for a benefit at the Okeechobee Moose Lodge on February 28th. Thanks so much!

Nancy will be attending a basket weaving class this week and unable to join us, but promises she will learn well and come back to teach us.

This week there are two gatherings, Tuesday evening February 9th 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday afternoon 12:00. I've made sample items of simple polymer clay - can't show you yet, have to paint tonight. One will be a magnet and one will be a brooch. Bring your ideas this week, I will bring my toaster oven and clay. With all our beaders around, maybe some would like to try making their own beads. Let's create.

Can't wait to show the group my two new pieces of wood cut outs. I tried a giraffe and a rooster. Don't tell them what they are, I want to see if they know.............................

Happy Crafting!