Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glass Etching - Flower Pot Embellishment - Upcoming Projects

We have had a couple of extremely fun projects this past month!  Every month as the group grows, we get to know each other better, shares ideas, and the word spreads about us we are exploding into quite a group!  Be sure to read to the bottom for projects that are coming up in the near future.


What a fun project this was.  Before anyone could do the acutal etching they had to cut their own stencils!  What laughter, what fun!
Thank you to Marilyn, Dennis and Jan for all the donated glassware.




What do you get when you add spackling to a flower pot?  Instant relief!  Not as in a headache compound, but a 3D effect ready to sand, smooth, texturize and paint!  

Waiting for the pink spackling to dry to white



If you receive the Moose 2417 newsletter you already know about this project.  Everyone is already getting excited if the feedback I'm getting is any gauge.  Scheduled for next week, people are already planning to start prep work at tomorrows gathering and are already picking out the perfect fabric for clothing!

LINT FREE - NOT!!!!!!!!
This very unique project will be coming up soon.  Made from dryer lint!  Yes, save your lint please.  Especially colors.  When your washing up those winter blankets save the yellows, blues, pinks, reds, etc for us.  Easy to do pictures are like paint by numbers.  You will be able to choose any picture you want from our pattern books. 

As you can see, we are busy, busy, busy!  Fun, friendship and family.  Come join in.  See you soon and until then, Happy Crafting!

Bonnie "B"

Individual Projects and Updates

These people are busy!!!!!!  I've uploaded over 200 pictures in the last couple of months alone.  I like taking progress pictures....seeing how a project looks at the beginning and then the final!!!!!!  Let me toot your horn too -- if you have something special you would like to share here I'll be glad to take a picture.  Be sure to let your friends know about our website address, have them join up as followers and help pass the word for all of our crafters.  If you would like a copy of any of your pictures for your personal use, just right click on the picture, and save to your computer under your own name.  If you need help or can't get a picture, let me know  - identify what blog it is in and I will get a copy made for you for cost.

Trudy's stained glass lighthouse, sailboats and birds.  The picture just doesn't do it justice!
Awesome job!

Trudy's works are original and gorgeous.  Always for sale.  She gladly takes orders.

Dorothy and her freehand painting

Maureen added this label with her serger to a pair of shorts made for her grandson.  I'm TOOTING my horn because I recently began selling these labels (and made other kinds) in my on line shop www.OneEyedBee.Etsy.Com and they are doing very well. 

Maureen doesn't do just boat seats - Special order for golf cart seats.  They asked for something patriotic!

Blurred???  Well, it is mad from Crown Royal bags and fabric by Nancy B.   This case is bright on the inside too with all sorts of dividers and pockets......look on............

Nancy finished this quilt for one of the lodge members who checks in on our group and asked for help.  Cute!


Darlene forges ahead and gets courageous trying her hand at lettering!

Maureen wanted lettering too as she began this blanket pertaining to her grandaughters college in New York.
Notice how she added the Navy Blue to make the letters stand out!

Everybody's work is beautiful, but I would be remiss in not pointing out this pillow top by Farrell.  Hope you can see it in person at the upcoming craft fair.  It is brilliant in color.

I may have shown this before, but it is worth showing again.  Maureen made this approximately 30 years ago and after some wear and tear she is now repairing it for another long time of use.

I truly hope you are all enjoying the blogs.  I'm STILL learning how to make it work, so bear with me.  Now that fall is here we are really getting anxious to see all of our northern friends in the next couple of months.  Happy Crafting, Bonnie