Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tawashi was fun for alot of us! Tawashi is a Japanese name for scrubbies crocheted with a special yarn complete with chemicals not available in the U.S.
The patterns come in many fun forms and we chose Sandals for the Florida area. Guage wasn't important -- good thing! The purple "bigfoot" was a big hit - we even had a sale that day and created a patriotic sandal.

This is JESSICA - our newest artist to join the craft group. Three months shy of the old age of 16, Jessica is homeschooled by her grandmother. Home Economics is on the curriculum and what better place to learn than with our crafters? She is going to teach us a thing or two this month also when she will teach us how to make bracelets with pearl beads.
Jessica who had an interest in lamp work glass bead making found our member Nellie Stanley who introduced her to our group. Jessica has taken a lesson from Nellie already and we hear she is purchasing the tools and grandpa has even offered to build her a studio. We welcome her and hope to support her for years to come.

Another example of the Swedish Weaving. Dorothy Wagner made a reversible pillow complete with the Moose. Great job Dorothy!

The latest examples of fabric painting on three new tote bags by newer members.

We continue to miss our friends that have gone back north of us! We're plodding on without you, but look forward to your return. Next month we will introduce another crochet project - loop stitch rugs. Hurry back and bring us your new ideas and finished projects.
Please check out the group Beads of Courage. Nellie and I traveled north to visit with a group of lamp work glass bead makers and walked into a group creating for this fascinating non profit organization. Mother (and founder) has a young daughter who at a very young age began a fight with cancer. Mom would give her a bead for courage. This idea has mushroomed and is a legal non profit organization giving courage to children everywhere. The bonus was we met a member of the Glass Dragons who had made a bead that just 10 days ago went along with a handle of others on the last space shuttle to benefit this group. Please check them out - another proof that artists and crafters are giving people.
Until next time, Happy Crafting!