Thursday, January 28, 2010


What a creative, resourceful, helpful group this is! Thanks to Dorothy Wagner bringing in her sewing machine some wonderful items were completed. Take for instance, the Bible cover. Without a pattern, lack of experience with a roller blade, and a real desire to make this cover, Darlene brought fabric and asked for help. In less than two hours with Nancy B's help it was done. They created a pattern, taught Darlene how to use the tools available and voila it was completed (look for pictures posted). The "other" Darlene brought colorful straps to complete her tote bag and although a novice on a sewing machine, finished a great golfing bag.

Edna Huston said she had never stenciled - we don't believe her - take a look at the pansies she painted on her bag.

Nellie (Nell) Stanley who is an excellent painting artist and lampwork glass bead artist stepped back to do her "elementary" Firedancer Beads bag and wanted to throw it away --- with some encouragement and embellishment take a look at her finished project.

And Dorothy - last week she painted beautiful flowers on a piece of denim fabric - she proudly showed up this week wearing it - which she made into a "bib" type front complete with fabric trim and fringe on a white blouse. Awesome!

Speaking of Dorothy - thanks for the samples of the mail box covers and walker accessory bags as well as the pin cushions. I will be making some of these with her help.

Theresa and Edna each brought their current projects - beaded angels and a gnome to paint - working as they visited.

Now, I just have to learn the Swedish Weaving that Martha Darling showed us she does! So much to do, so little time.

There was a small demonstration of iron-on transfers too. We are picking up all sorts of ideas every week and they just keep growing.

Thanks to Karen Miller we had a wonderful lunch of Clam Chowder and salad too, thanks so much.

CAN'T PUBLISH ALL THE PICTURES, but you get the idea. Come enjoy in person and have a great time with us if you haven't already.

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FYI - There is to be a basket weaving class on February 26th at Turtle Cove. I believe it is $20.00. Nancy Bartholomew has more info if needed. It's a Wednesday though - so please let me know if you will be going there instead.

Don't forget Winterfest this Saturday, January 30th at the BHR fire department. Nellie Stanley, Sandoone and myself will all be there - and we will be promoting the Buckhead Ridge Crafters group. Come join us or stop by to support us.

Are you working on your "products" for the March 20th craft fair? If not, WHY?

Happy Crafting!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Our first Wednesday afternoon gathering was amazing. Missing Dee Glover and her teaching us pine needle weaving was disappointing but hey we are creative!!!!!!!!! Maureen Bradley was super and made us canvas tote bags to paint on. Out came the fabric paints along with embellishments and off we went. New friends joined us and everyone loved it! Now on to make the handles to complete our projects. Thanks to member Sherrie Shuck for donating E6000 glue and thread. Thanks to Theresa Brooks for bringing extra paintbrushes to share too.

Our "seamstress" Maureen is in the hospital and will have a heart catheter done on Tuesday, Jan. 26th. We wish her well and if she can, she will join us this weekend after her release. Best Maureen! Brand new friend "Nana" Bartholomew took over though and is finishing the straps for the tote bags.

Let's keep this ball rolling this week - more plain fabric is coming - just so we can get another practice together. If you weren't with us before and want to bring a finished tote or other item to paint please do.


Three of our "cruisers" will be gone next week out on the ocean and unable to join us, so we will as a group decide this Wednesday what we want to do next week.

Thanks to the officers of the Buckhead Ridge Moose Lodge who have given us the OK to continue on Wednesday's. Thanks for the space guys. They also asked for a write up for the February newsletter - so we should be expecting even more participants next week.

This Saturday, (Jan. 30th) is the Winterfest at the BHR fire department. I am going to take a table (IF, the weather is decent), for both myself and to promote this group. If you would like to join me, please let me know before Friday.

Also, we have been asked to host a table at a fundraiser at the Okeechobee Moose Lodge on Sunday, February 28th for Don and Pepper Hadley. IF you have an item you make to donate for sale please let me know. It will also be an outlet to show them what we do. I will make a picture board, so please if you have a sample of something you do, bring it and we will take pictures for the board.

Please mark your calendars. MARCH 20th will be our second bi-annual craft fair. Start making your things now if you plan on selling at this craft fair. Tables will again be $20 and placement will be first come, first serve. Pass the word. This money from rental of table space is a fundraiser for the Women of the Moose, the proceeds from sales belong to you.

I'm out of ink cartridge (and so is Walmart). If you could make a copy of the email and/or this to share with others at the group Wednesday who aren't on the internet please help me out.

Thanks, and Happy Crafting!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 20, Afternoon Gathering

As most of you know, this Wednesday - noon will be our first "daytime" slot for the BHR craft group. It will take a while for us to have a rhythm of "what we do" at these gatherings, and you will have a lot of input and impact on the direction we take.

At the first meeting, with alot of supplies available for a wide array of crafts, we accepted Dee Grovers offer to come teach us pine needle weaving this Wednesday. Unfortunately this will not be happening at this time. Dee's mother-in-law passed away and she had to return home for the funeral and doesn't know when she will return. As soon as she does, she and I will reschedule (possibly the first evening meeting in February).

I know you are all as disappointed as I, and we had some new friends coming especially for this project. But, we wish Dee and her husband well!

SO, here's the tentative plan.........I will bring the same supplies I did before along with a few more ..............feel free to bring anything that you want to share too. You can bring your own projects too. We will have supplies to focus on FABRIC EMBELLISHMENT. Maureen is scrambling to make a few denim pocket purses or tote bags that you can embellish if you want.
I will have paints, lace, buttons and glue available. If you have beads (he he he) or other notions that you think will be fun to decorate with please bring them as well as needle and thread if you think you will sew your things on. Cookie cutters are great for larger items to use as patterns before painting. Maybe you have a jacket, shirt or other item, or just some fabric that you would like to do a painting on for another purpose. Bring what ever your want. We will have a couple small ironing boards and irons to heat set the paint too.

Does anyone have some E6000 glue in their stash? I can't get any here in time.

Look for Nellie's post on the contest she entered too!

Any thoughts before the meeting please let me know............

RECAP: Needle, thread, fabric, buttons, appliques, lace, beads, any notions. Bring a piece of cardboard too, to slip under fabric to absorb extra paint and provide a flat surface.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


If you missed our first gathering last night, you missed alot! There were alot of ideas to choose from and everyone saw something that they had never seen before. There was learning and hands on fun with Maureen sharing her pattern for scrubbies and teaching interested ones in making these handy tools. Some people tried their hand at needletatting, a new, easy and quick and fun way of making lace edgings and other things for embellishment. Martha showed off a jacket with squares made from her own handmade chenille. Some of us want to try that. Nellie showed some of us a few things about making her beads, and will bring in her torch for a demonstration in the future as well as a lightbox and teach us how to take great pictures of our creations. I alone already have met two new people - right here in Buckhead. My circle of craft friends is already growing!

UNEXPECTED SURPRISE! One of the women that joined us was new to all of us and a visitor from N.C. Her name is Dee Grover and she is amazing. Such talent and artistic ability. Dee brought samples of her creations and the group as a whole were so amazed. We have asked her to teach us next Wednesday afternoon, January 20, 2010 at noon at the BHR Moose lodge. Before I tell you what it is, and what we will make let me tell you a little about her. She is a breast cancer survivor since 1993 and in the past 17 -18 years has donated all of her income from the sale of her work to research for breast cancer - an impressive $180,000!!! While visiting BHR she teaches classes at the KOA and Zachary Taylor. She has to come up with a new project for each week that can be done in two hours. Try keeping up with that.

Her craft is PINE NEEDLE WEAVING. She has written a book on the subject and also incorporates them with gourds. (I'll post a pic for you) She will help us make a woven hot pad next week - here are a list of supplies that you will need: Pine needles (fresher the better), waxed thread and a dull big eyed darning needle. That's it. Some women are going to "find" the needles this week up off 710 by Dee Dee's garden. She says they are everywhere, you just have to look for them.

I had missed telling a friend about our group (sorry Sandy) who happened to call this morning, and she was soooo excited about us and disappointed that she hadn't known about last night. When I began to tell her about Dee's gourd - she said I knew you would say that, and repeated it when I told her about the pine needle weaving. Seems she and her husband have been doing gourds for years attending many classes and have dabbled in pine needle weaving - complete with a stash of needles. She will bring some to share.

There may be friends that you have missed too, so please keep passing the word. Please use this blog to post any information or comments you have. Until then, Happy Crafting

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking for a few good things................Have gotten together alot of materials and supplies for various types of crafting for Tuesday. If you have any of the following for general use please bring them with you: Old paint brushes, paper towels, rags, bowls for water (cleaning brushes, etc.), plastic or styrofoam trays/plates for paint palettes, ziplocs, aluminum foil, table covers (or other protective covering for tables. Thanks, see you there...............Happy Crafting

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thanks to Mike Ruch for the link for some leathercrafting!
Dang, what is harder, choosing a project or trying to anticipate what others will choose?

Looking for (or trying to quickly make) samples of crafts mentioned in last blog...... and I'm not good at all these..........but they will give people an idea I hope.

Any helpers? Since it's so cold today, it's a perfect time to craft - or play on Facebook.

Pick your poison - I mean project! Happy Crafting.

Friday, January 8, 2010

We've received a couple of inquiry phone calls from the Community Events notice in the Pennysaver. Tells me there is interest out there beyond the confines of BHR.

Looking toward our first evening gathering, I've compiled a list of craft "topics", some of the possibilities, interests, ideas that people might have. While doing so I have began to put together SOME supplies for any subject that I might have. Can't bring all my craft stash, car won't hold it.

If something catches your eye and you think you would like to try it at the first meeting, please try to bring at least the minimal supplies you would need:

Example (1): Counted cross stitch: You should at the very least bring a needle and maybe an embroidery hoop. There will be patterns, a very small amount cross stitch fabric, some floss, and embroidery hoops.

Example (2) Gallery Glass: Bring a piece of plastic to practice on. Patterns and some gallery glass colors will be available.

Example (3) Polymer Clay: We have some Sculpey clay in a few colors, along with patterns. If you have an old cookie sheet, oven safe glass tray, or other flat cleanable surface please bring it to practice on. Not something that you will ever use again for food!

Example (4) Loom weaving: We will have one small plastic loom, with some yarn to practice. Patterns and instructions of course.

Example (5) Crochet: Please bring a needle for your own use. If someone brings theirs and shares with you please remember to return. There will be some threads and yarns available along with patterns.

Example (6) Plastic Canvas: Patterns, limited canvas, limited yarn available. Please bring a tapestry needle.

Example (7) Painting - Well, we will have some colors in a variety of mediums to share. If you want to paint on canvas, please bring your own. Bring your own brushes too if possible. Just a multi-pack like the "One Stroke" will get you started. There will be some small pieces of wood, and rocks for surfaces. Practice paper available.

Here is the list I've compiled. If you think of anything else and/or have some supplies to share or patterns please bring them..............


Needle Tatting
Punch Needle
Cross Stitch
Counted Cross Stitch
Plastic Canvas
Loom Weaving
Ribbon Embroidery


Creating Beads
Beaded Pictures
Jewely Making


Gallery Glass
Stained Glass



Iron-On Transfers


Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting



Soap Making
Polymer Clay


Wood Carving
Wood Burning
Wood Working

It's a start, please follow this blog, check in often and post your own comments. Happy Crafting!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello and welcome 2010! Before I tell you about the new crafters group, let me give you some background. I'm Bonnie Booth and live in Buckhead Ridge, FL., an extremely small community outside of a medium sized rural town named Okeechobee. Buckhead Ridge (BHR) is at the northwestern tip of Lake Okeechobee. The majority of our residents are people who have migrated here from the coast or northern suburbia who want a life style that is comparatively slow, safe, quiet and secure from the hubbub of larger cities. Approximately six months a year we have northern friends who live here in their winter homes. Retirement is the key word here, which includes fun, friends and relaxation. It also means downsizing from those big homes and storage that we had in our younger days. We just don't have as much space to work on all of our hobbies.

Well, welcome to the Buckhead Ridge Crafters group! There are many talented people in our area who handcraft some amazing things. The only thing missing is a venue for letting others in and out of the community know about them. Most of us, are members of the only two social non-profit organizations on the ridge ( a one-mile highway frontage). If you aren't a member, chances are not many people except your personal circle know about your talents and creations.
We just never had a place large enough for crafters to get together to explore the world of crafting. Now we do. and you can reach more people and learn from a vastly larger circle of peers.

On December 12, 2009 we held our first every craft fair in Buckhead Ridge. As part of a fundraising event for the W.O.T.M. (Women of the Moose) Chapter 2036, 14 participants displayed their creations. Some from as far away as Lake Placid, FL. Through advertising and word of mouth we had a continuous day of "visitors" checking out our beauties. Volunteers cooked a breakfast that diners are still talking about and paid an average of $3.00 to eat in our Crafters Cafe. A reporter from the Glades County Democrat attended and took pictures, reporting in a small blurb the following Thursday. It was such a success that we are looking forward to our next craft fair on March 20, 2010.

The officers of the Buckhead Ridge Moose Lodge (2417), all of whom were present at the craft fair, were approached with a proposal asking for permission to hold craft group gatherings on the lodge premises twice a month. And they said YES!!!! Finally a place to get together. Thank you officers. The only prerequisite is that after two visits a person MUST become a member of either the Moose or the Women of the Moose. This small annual membership fee will protect the lodge for insurance purposes AND because it is a private organization there are state and federal laws that must be adhered to - which means you must be a member to participate or purchase items in the social quarters. As a member, Moose International organization rules override all activities. For more information you can contact me at 863-357-1556 or

My next post will outline our first gatherings. Happy Crafting