Saturday, August 14, 2010

Variety -- Updates -- Craft Fair

NOTICE to all Buckhead Ridge Crafters.   This blog is for you, I hope it keeps us all in touch when we are apart by the miles to our homes.  Let me promote your personal endeavors for you.  Feel free to do a write-up yourself with pictures!  Or send them to me, and I will gladly work something up for you and post it.

Let's TOOT our horns!  Are you trying to make money with your handiwork.  Hopefully I can help you to get the word out -- my pleasure.

If you aren't a google friend follower yet - PLEASE sign up, it's easy............don't let the google followers throw you .... it is really easy to do it.  Just follow the steps.  More followers mean more people looking at our fun and our creativity.  We need each other so FOLLOW ME (Uncle Kracker song).  Remember to post comments, it makes the time I spend creating the blog worth it.  Thanks!


You will have to read to the bottom for a special note!

Today I want to show you what Maureen Bradley is doing...........we all know that she makes bimini tops and seat cushions for boats.  NOW, she is doing custom order seats for airboats.  If your local and know someone that needs the type of work that she does you can contact her.


Recent pictures of Swedish Weaving done in the group:

Afghan by Donna L.

Maureen B. working on new afghan

  Farrell S. (this is a vivid navy blue with bright white yarn.  Gorgeous!

A small lap blanket designed for musically inclined people by Bonnie B.


Steve and Karen Grant working on their jewelry.  Karen created these necklace pieces from polymer clay.  Note the owl and the sphinx.

Marge K.  creates beautiful jewelry by rearranging pieces that she finds:

Self Promotion:  Just this week I finally completed the work involved in setting up a process for making Personalized Fabric Labels.  On the 10th I listed them in my etsy shop and have already had three orders.  I'm excited, because this is a project where the main work is already done, all I have to do now is reproduce for people who want to personalize their own projects!  Check them out: 

OK, the Craft Fair............................... If you are reading this - you can save some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The December craft fair has been approved for Saturday, December 11th.  Anyone who posts HERE on the blog that they wish to have a spot will be given $5.00 off the cost!!!!!!!!!  I will publicly begin to advertise for crafters around October 1st, but of course will give special attention to any of our Buckhead Ridge Crafters for spot choice.  Please try to let me know BEFORE October begins.  If you don't post here on the blog you will not receive the $5.00 off.

Happy Crafting!   See you soon.....................Bonnie

OHS Senior creates school design

How proud we are of Danielle Racine!  A couple weeks ago she caught the swedish weaving bug from her grandma.  She has designed this blanket in the school colors of purple and gold.  School friends are already oohing and aahing over it.  We hope she gets lots of orders from proud family of graduates.  Go Danielle!

Have a comment for Danielle on her project?  Make sure to leave it for her here on the blog.

Tribal Masks anyone?

What a great time we had on Wednesday, August 11th!  Joe Lindley had brought in a sample of these "tribal masks".  He has painted them and hung them around the rim canal in the past to amuse people.  We gathered up the dried palm tree leaves, Joe cleaned them up, painted them with Kilz (during a rainy week), said he was tripping over them in his house.  His efforts paid off, thank you Joe, and the crafters had an awesome time creating their very own pieces.  Notice the ivy leaves by Farrell.  Welcome to a new friend Bev also.  Glad to have you!  This is going to make a plant holder!  Does the community like of our local churches is borrowing this week for vacation bible school and their theme Lava Lava!!!!!!!!  I've already promised some other people that we will do this again at our night meeting, Tuesday, September 14th.  Come join us if you want to make one.  Any extra palm leaves you have dried are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!
Farrell says she can't paint and has never painted anything.  Way to go Farrell!

Look for another update on a variety of subjects on the blog post.  Happy Crafting, Bonnie