Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall into Fun!

Very soon the trees will be changing, at least in places other than Florida.  Fall is just around the corner, and we are falling for all the fun things around here.  Soon, that will mean our friends from northern parts will be back with us and join in.

The tribal masks from last month sure got a lot of attention.  Dorothy  W's husband wasn't exactly impressed with the one that she did, so he made his own!  Complete with hanger and ready to display.  Love it when the men get involved.  The September evening group though small in numbers was huge in fun as you will see in the pics to follow.  We painted the palm leaves again (tribal masks) and some new and neat finished art was made.

Visitors from Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach enjoyed watching us so much, that they commandeered the one that Sandonne did and then asked for another.

Some of us have been practicing glass etching and this afternoon the group will all join in.  Others will get to paint these palm branches that didn't get to last time.

Meet one of our Moose Trackers Tom Bartell from Fort Myers Beach.  Tom tells us that he is an artist too and thought our group was awesome and friendly.  He's the one who just had to have Sandoone's "forest keeper".  None of us could remember the name of this "character" that you see in movies and books of the face in the tree.

Marilee did her first painting AND began a second by woodburning her address and a palm tree in the wood.   We will see the finished piece next month.

Just a quick post of a few pics, gotta run to group.  This blog is just not very good for uploading pics.  So sorry peeps.   Will update you all later.   Bonnie