Monday, April 26, 2010

April - Addiction Month

They say that you have an addiction when your passion gets in the way of other parts of your life............... like forgetting how long it has been between blogs and updates. My apoligies friends, I am one that has been addicted to my crafting. Some of us in the group have made extra shopping trips to the east coast of Florida seeking out new supplies, patterns and ideas at new and interesting shops not available in the Okeechobee area. The local Walmart is trying very hard to keep up with the supply and demand for various colors of monk's cloth for the weavers in our group. We thank the department manager Patty for her help.

A find was made in some special thread that one of our jewelers is whipping up with her lampwork glass beads to make chroceted necklaces. Gorgeous pieces.

Using polymer clay our Karen continues to design and create new items in ink pens, beads, magnets and more. Her husband is using many of her pieces in his jewelry designs.

Maureen is working on a knit top that we are anxious to see finished.

We most of all though enjoy just watching each other as they work and seeing projects from beginning to end.

Over the next couple months we hope to introduce some new projects that others may be interested in.

We miss our friends who have gone back to their summer homes, not all are crafters, but are very much missed in our lodge where we meet. Follow us girls, and let us know how you are.

Hope you all enjoy the recent pictures.................. Notice the detail in the embroidered/candlewicking pillow below by Dorothy. The frog quilt by Nancy, and the various swedish weaving baby blankets, afghans and lap blankets made by others in the group.

Feel free to comment, we would love to hear them! Opinions, ideas????????????

Gorgeous pillow by Dorothy

Dorothy, Farrell and Darlene

Nancy, Nellie, Steve and Karen

Quilted frog baby blanket by Nancy

Placemat by Farrell:

Farell's blue on white (sorry I cut her head off)

In progress Pinion Pine on yellow with brown and green thread

Baby blanket

Teddy bears by Darlene

Darlenes diamonds in green

Tumbling Hearts by Farrell

Baby blanket in pale variegated green, white and pink

Crafting can be messy..........................................

and mistakes do happen - note the safety pin machine sewn into the finishing binding........................

Oh well, we all make them. Happy Crafting!