Friday, July 16, 2010

Arts and Crafts found in different states - pictorial view

I've posted pictures of some beautiful or interesting arts and crafts that we saw the past three weeks.  As far away as Tennessee, and as close as Stuart.  Sandy shared some she saw in Las Vegas.  Hope you enjoy and maybe get some ideas.

These pics are from an Amish community

These were just simple boxes with sayings painted on them...could use small canvas - sold for $12
Of course I loved this one and it wasn't for sale!
These polymer beads were used (sold) at Rock City to build your own necklace

These windchimeswere made from glass at Stone Mountain GA   Bet Nellie could do something like this

I loved this windchime, porcelain bowl and spoons with beads.  My sister beat me to the purchase!  Darn her.  I'll just have to make one for myself.

Historic downtown Stuart had this neat shutter and the shell framed mirror.  Thought Dorothy would have loved this one

My sister created this Date-A-Space (her business) for Sandy and Dennis's wedding gift

After the wedding, Sandy went shopping and found this frame and jewelry (including the jewelry box) made out of sea shells.  Paper thin and beautiful

Not to offend anyone, but I thought this was cute................................... don't we all wish people would use the proper ways to complain.

Hope you enjoyed!  Happy Crafting

Vacation months don't stop crafting!

While some of us were away, others were very busy!  Thanks to Maureen and Nellie for providing these pictures of some of the new creations and projects that have been happening.
Thanks to Dorothy for teaching everyone how to make these flower candle holders.

We are coming up our our 7th month anniversary of the craft group and going strong. 
It won't be long until our craft fair in December.  Waiting for firm date at lodge.  Get ready people!

Happy Crafting!